Training Camp

Yesterday Raptor’s Amir Johnson arrived in Toronto ready to kick off the 2011/2012 NBA Season.

Amir is surround by old faces, and some new one’s including new Raptors coach Dwane Casey, Jamal Magloire, and Mickael Pietrus. Amir has put on some good muscle and his ankle is back to feeling new again. The Raptors training camp will consist of 6 x 2 a day work out’s, very intense until the season starts. With a condensed 66 game season on the way, December is proving to be the start of something very beautiful.

Glad for Amir and the Raptors to be kicking off a season! For updates all year long follow @heisamirjohnson the official voice of the website.

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Ray Foreman said in Dec, 2011

I expect Amir to excel with more focus and determination to help propel his team to a renewed level of rejuvenated basketball. His dedication throughout the off season training is something I’m extremely proud of. I’d also like to express how great the Toronto fans are in standing by their team at all times. My visits to Toronto and the Raptors organization have been boasted by me on numerous occasions. I’m looking forward cheering on Amir and the Raptors on during my visits this season. Go Toronto Raptors!

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