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Some friends just dropped this project that asks “what would you do if you ran the Raps?” There’s going to be some prizes given away but also, the top posts will get presented to MLSE. Check it out.


Steve Conway said in Jun, 2011

Oh what would i do… re-sign Reggie providing the money is right, he is such an impact player without scoring and now with the new coach I would think this is the kind of player that fits in to the mentality that D. Casey will try to enstill.
Lock in Leandro for another year and give him more of a role especially in clutch 4th quarter situations.
Move Bargnani to a permenant 4 spot, start Amir at 5.
Change the offensive strategy so that the first option is not Bargnani but Demar, no offence to AB but he is a better number 2 option for the open 3 or slick cutting layup.
I respect both our point guards but if you can get a point guard like Jennings, Felton, Paul (long shot) or Ellis, etc I think you pursue it. Keep Bayless around because I love his potential, he plays with a lot of intesity. Calderon is great at setting up great plays providing the players are giving him a moving target though he can’t generate much by himself. He needs to shoot it more.
I have always wondered why NBA players don’t play with the same intensity of College players. That being said put pressure on the ball everytime the other team has it. That means challenge the inbound pass everytime!, put a man on the point guard every time he is dribbling up the court, don’t ever let off the pressure, i think that will make a huge difference because in the NBA you only see that kind of pressure usually in the 4th quarter.
Keep your hands up and take away the passing lanes. I see so many players not doing this.. it is a good habit to enstill in your players.
I don’t know how to teach rebounding but analize what Reggie does and replicate it. Bench a player that shoots and stars down the court while the ball is still in the air. Find a way to reward the hustle plays that don’t equate to stats. (i saw the penguins or caps use a special shovel to reward the hard work of a stand out player for that game)
Keep your core that you have together. Give it time..you do not need to totally revamp this team dispite their record this year. Just make sure that every player wants to be a part of the team and can live with the role they play.
This team has been exciting to watch dispite wins and losses. I would have MLSE leave Colangelo alone and let him build a team without such a short leash. I think he has done a great job of bringing in talent and moving talent when it doesn’t work (o’neil, turk, he even got something for bosh) – We almost had T.Chandler for Calderon. Now look at the props that Chandler is getting. We almost had Barnes. SO he is out ther trying to imporve the team. Lets Face it though Toronto is not the most desired destination for NBA players.
Ignore the Toronto media.. .they are overwhelmingly negative to all their sport franchises and this kind of energy only breeds more negative energy. Don’t field the disresectful questions posed by some of the reporters, they ask leading loaded questions and they should not be rewarded with answers.
Lastly- Find a way to move the upperbowl down. I have sat in some nice seats in the lower bowl surrounded by a bunch of corporate stiffs that spend half the game in the suites and that look at you funny when you get out of your seat to cheer. When you look up, the upperbowl is having cheer competitions and going nuts at every opportunity.

rob neves said in Jun, 2011

If I ran the raps, I would be all about connecting with the fans where it matters most. I would speak to their hearts. I would ask each player to pick a “ribbon” in support of something (Cancer etc) and have that stitched into their home jerseys for the season. I would set up a Cliche-o-meter so every time a player answered a media question with the same lame response about “try’n to help the team and doin what ever the coach asks” response we could keep track of it and see who has the least to the fans through the media. The fans want to know what you really think and who you really are, not what it says in your bio. I would start a segment on NBA ink and talk to players about their tatoos and why they have them. I would have a raptor boot camp where teens with hoop dreams could see what an NBA workout is like, what an NBA practice is like. I would add content to the raptor website that is personal like books that players are currently reading, music they are currently enjoying, hobbies, they love, favorites TV shows, food, movies, games etc. I would also start some sort of player incentive for being the hardest working player on the court. In calgary, the flames have a hardhat that the players decide in each game who deserves or has earned the hard hat. Every Calgary flame wants to earn the respect of their peers and wear that hat after the game. Toronto LOVES blue collar players, I think a team driven incentive like that where the team itself decides who has worked the hardest would have huge dividends for the team and the fans. The last thing I would do is recognize that you are Canada’s team and reach out to some of the rural fans. There are millions of basket ball hoops in driveways and school yards from sea to sea to sea in this amazing country and only half of them are in cities. The last thing I would do is at the beginning of every season make a video montage promising Canada that you will do everything in your power to represent the people of Toronto and of Canada with dignity, to play hard and to make us proud. That is all any Raptor’s Fan wants.

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