Roll With Amir PT 2 April 16th

Roll with Amir: Rollin’ Again

Are you ready to roll with Amir … AGAIN? Amir had such a great time last year hanging, eating, and joking with some of the best fans in the world that he wants to do it up again. And so on April 16th Amir’s going to treat 50 lucky fans to Raptors vs. Hawks tickets plus a post game dinner at one of his favourite steakhouses, e11even.

How do you get a chance to Roll With Amir? All you have to do is follow @iamAmirJohnson and @heisAmirJohnson and look out for more details. Once the winners are selected, we will send out more details but the crew is going to meet up before the game at St. Louis Wings at 528 Yonge St.

Last year was amazing and this year’s going to be even better, so follow your boy and stay tuned.

Let’s ROLL!


Sammy said in Apr, 2012

I can`t wait to roll with Amit I`ve been following you on twitter and watching and waiting for that special tweet cant wait Amir @sammyb303……………………Respect

mitch said in Apr, 2012

i wanna roll with amir… im a huge raptors fan takin his first trip to tdot from april 10 to 17…. this would make it the best tip ever….. plus Amir ur a boss for doin this for ur fans….. respect

Samuel said in Apr, 2012


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