Roll with Amir part 2 the video! Shout out to all the fans this wouldn’t have been possible without you!

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King said in Jul, 2012

On May 1 I move to Ann Arbor Michigan to join an Arabic music ensemble, i will be sinigng chorus and playing percussion daff and derbake,I am trying to form a band . I am among other things a singer andcurrently in a Middle Eastern music ensemble at the Butler School OfMusic at the University Of Texas at Austin where I live and I amcurrently trying to produce an Arabic music show at the Arpaggio Grill but it is not going so well.My ultimate goal is to form my own orchestra, which will be touringnationwide and performing nationwide and world wide to better enhanceunderstanding between east and west.I need to hear from musicians on the west coast especially Oud players violin , Cello, and keyboard who play Arabic music. i am especially looking for a composer who is familiar with Arabic music orchestration and who will be able to coach me and teach me old Arabic songs from Abdel Halim Hafez, to Fareed and Asmahan El Atrash to Om kulthoom, to Muhammed Abdel Wahhab. All positions at this time are strictly on a volunteer basis until I find funding.I will add your email adress as soon as you contact me to the list of interested musicians and their persoective positions.

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