Introducing Fitness By Foreman

Introducing everyone to Fitness By Foreman. Amir’s trainer from Los Angeles who helped keep him in top form all off season long.

A little bit about Fitness By Foreman -

“It is my quest to instill and develop the mind / body connection utilizing
immense state of the arts training techniques with over thirty years of experiences, providing safe effective performance enhancing results, through mastering the bodies ability to achieve sport specific actions derived from mind empowerment.

Given that Ocean State Gym, of Johnston Rhode Island, for over ten years played an integral part in my life forward goals encouraging and believing I would fulfill my mission to become a life time drug free world-class power lifter. I would like to express sincere gratitude to Tommy Kozar and Ocean State family for their supreme support throughout the competitions’ camaraderie.”

For more information visit http://fitnessbyforeman.com/

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Asia said in May, 2012

Oh you and she do totally rembsele each other. And Eric is way better looking than those guys, though there are some little similarities! Never thought about Kenneth from 30Rock; had a good laugh over that one :D And WHOA his eyes are BLUE in that last picture! This sweet little Taiwanese international student in college thought I looked EXACTLY like Alicia Silverstone which was definitely flattering, but I think it may have been a case of “all white people look alike”, you know?

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