I Roll With Amir

Alright Toronto, I think it’s time you roll with me. All year long you’ve been so supportive of me, the young onez, and the Raptors. My fans are the best. So now it’s my turn to give back to you. Here’s what I want to do, I want you to roll with me for a night. On March 30′th I’m going to treat 50 lucky winners to a pre-game meet up at St Louis Wings (Atrium On 595 Bay St.) where you can pick up your game tickets and enjoy some pre-game wings. Then all 50 of the winners are going to head down to the ACC to catch me and the Raptors take on the Milwaukee Bucks. I hope to hear you guys cheering loud! But it’s not done there, it gets better. After the game I’m taking all 50 of you out to my favorite restaurant, Ruth’s Chris steak house for a steak dinner, my treat! Best of all I got you all covered since you’re rollin with me!

It’s simple, starting this Thursday I’m going to be giving away passes to 50 lucky fans! The only way to win them is by following me on twitter and on facebook.

So get ready to ROLL!!


Idris said in Mar, 2012

Hey Amir, don’t wanna be pushy or anything but can you spare a good fan a couple of tickets for tongihts game against the bucks or against Miami?

LittleOzzy said in Jun, 2011

Im lonely.

Dave said in Apr, 2011

How we gonna shake up this team next season Amir?

LittleOzzy said in Apr, 2011

I am a huge faggot

Ray said in Apr, 2011


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