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Hey guys. Help Amir pick the best Tee Shirt design by voting at the bottom of the page. Amir will take your vote into consideration when selecting the winner today. The winning design will be announced on Twitter.

  1. Knock Out – Black
  2. One For All – Red
  3. Headphones – Black
  4. The Power Tee – Red
  5. Kiss The Sky – Red
  6. Grand Split – Black
  7. Grand Young – Black
  8. Prayer – Black
  9. Dragon Headz – Black
  10. Thirty Ten – Black
  11. Tee Dot Oh – Black
  12. Hustle And Heart – Black

Pick your favourite Tee

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The First Pitch

Amir Johnson throws out the first pitch for the Toronto Blue Jays. See if the ball made it to home plate, better yet check out how many tries it took Amir to make it happen!