Amir Was Here. (Contest Extended!)

* Due to popular demand we have extended this contest until Monday, March 21′s, 2011*

The Deal

Just like the video said,  I want you to take me with you somewhere interesting and then snap a picture! I’ve been to a lot of places so take me somewhere I haven’t been. Maybe skiing? A haunted house? Your class room? Or better yet, take me on a vacation!

The Details

1. Download this photo of me

2. Print it and cut along the dotted line

3. Take me somewhere interesting/funny/random

4. Snap a picture

5. Post the picture on my Facebook wall

The Prize

I’m working on something special for the winner, but basically I will pick my favorite entry on March 14th and base it on creativity, quality, likes and comments. Then I’m going to hook up the winner with a mystery gift from yours truly.

So get cuttin and snappin and show me around!


Katrina said in Apr, 2011

AMIR!!!! I want to see what you sent the winner! tell us!!

Mike said in Apr, 2011

When u gna post what the winner won? Kinda eager to find out!

josefin said in Mar, 2011

AMIR!! when are you going to announce the winner? we’ve been waiting forever!

Nicole said in Mar, 2011

Amir who won yo?! antsy as fk to find out!!

tamara said in Mar, 2011

Who won this!?

Jennifer said in Mar, 2011

Hey amir when are you going to post the winner for this contest??

Linda said in Mar, 2011

Awesome contest! Love the cartoon cut out of Amir :D

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