Fear Amir – Winner Announced! (Updated)

** Updated**

Big Big Congratulations to my main man @GeorgekOnline for the sick video! He is the winner!

Special shououts to runners up @Joe_Mato and @mattjumper! Thanks to everyone else who entered and help make the contest a success!


@Georgekonline (Winning Video)

What’s good fam! I’ve had a lot of fun during the first half of this season and I’d love if you all helped me look back on how it’s been. And since I know lots of you got crazy video skills, I thought the best way to do that would be to have a little contest to see who can put together the nicest video mix of my highlights from this season so far. Put together the tightest mix, send it my way, and I’ll pick my favorite vid and hook up the winner.

The Prize

• Pair of Raptors tickets (game tbd)
• Signed official Amir Johnson jersey
• Amir will record an intro for your video
• Your video will be featured on AmirJohnson.com

The Details

• You have between now and February 15th to make and upload your videos
• Submit entries by uploading on YouTube and sending me the link on Twitter or in the comments below
• On February 21st I’ll pick the best video
• The winning video will be selected on quality, creativity and popularity (YouTube views + comments and Tweets)
• Your video must end with a screen that clearly says AmirJohnson.com

Good luck! And if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter.

The Entries




JungleJim said in Feb, 2011

Any news on the winner of this thing?

Mike Lazzoni said in Feb, 2011

Why is everyone even arguing? its georgekonline hands down…..no contest

lydia said in Feb, 2011

Steven, of course everyone is allowed to have an opinion. I didn’t say otherwise. Just commented on what Kales said as part of my opinion. I hope that clarifies things, and I hope I didn’t upset anybody.


Steven said in Feb, 2011

Why is everyone but kales allowed to have an opinion. Chill.

lydia said in Feb, 2011

Kales, you sayin that the first one is less for Amir THAN the other 2? How so? Looks like this dude put a lot of effort into it. I’m sure it’s not only to win but for Amir mostly. He got Amir talking, Amir playin, Amir in stills.
Course, in the end, the choice is Amir’s. As for me, I like the first one, no question. Good luck to everyone, though.

GeorgeKonline said in Feb, 2011

If mine wins adding amirjohnson.com at the end will take about 23 seconds. @Kales, it also says “The winning video will be selected on quality, creativity and popularity” so if having just cuts that see more of Amirs highlights wins then so be it. go raps.

Kales said in Feb, 2011

First one is nice.. but seems less for Amir then the other 2.
the first one is also not following the details..
“Your video must end with a screen that clearly says AmirJohnson.com”

aa said in Feb, 2011

First video is obviously the best edited, but the highlights in the second one (especially the blocks) were more enjoyable to watch.

john said in Feb, 2011

first one was dope, but the second one was a lil better due to the time and the effects. first one had some greezy camera footage tho. go amir!

Neci said in Feb, 2011

the 1st one is crazy but i really realy like the 2nd one!!!!

Anthony R said in Jan, 2011

First one!!!!! Highlights displayed on the rooftop of the ACC? Crazy!!!!!

Eric said in Jan, 2011

First one was good but too long
Second one was the best
Third one was alright…

Marla said in Jan, 2011

the first one atw it is sick

FK said in Jan, 2011

george k hands down. That was an epic highlight reel.

Kosta Z said in Jan, 2011

Georgek BEST video HANDS DOWN!!! says everything about Amir, there is no competition, from the music & captions to highlights and way it was put together, this is a TRUE WINNER!!!

Mike said in Jan, 2011

That George k guy made the most epic highlight reel ever! Lol this guy should work for the MLSE and raptors network haha sick vids but George k is getting it!

Sami Qureshi said in Jan, 2011

@georgekonline’s is the best one hands down

Tyson said in Jan, 2011

Yo this georgeK cats got it on lock, really feeling the video bro

dirtycarl said in Jan, 2011

george k’s is the best one.
this isn’t even a competition!

Jay said in Jan, 2011

Everthing’s good but WHERE ARE HIS MID-RANGE SHOTS? the 20ft. jumpers that he makes every single game. The first one needs some of his mid-range shots and more blocks. GOOD JOB WITH THE EFFECTS THOUGH

Tyler Chavez said in Jan, 2011

No, doubt the first video brings everything together better. the rest aren’t even color corrected in some cases! I vote first one!

Christos said in Jan, 2011

only when I saw the video of Georgekonline I felt FEAR…

frankie said in Jan, 2011

FAN-tastic @Georgekonline!

Vince Carter said in Jan, 2011

The first video is by far the best and most professionally made

Dimon said in Jan, 2011

Классно бросок с верху делает

smiles said in Jan, 2011

@georgekonline’s video is ill as fuck

nikosvenceremos said in Jan, 2011

The Entries-@Georgekonline video is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Amir come to Olympiakos Piraeus in GREECE!!!-

Jeremy said in Jan, 2011

@Georgekonline IS THE MAN!!! Amazing Vid brotha!! you got the votes LOCKED UP!!!

Mila said in Jan, 2011

Hey, so i don’t even watch much basketball but i heard about this contest and decided to take a look at the video’s on youtube, they are all really great but georgekonline makes me wanna watch amir johnson.

Rade said in Jan, 2011

The Best video out of the three is by georgekonline. Like wow it really captures AMIR!
Good luck bud. I don’t even wanna bother putting up my own video after seeing his.

Matt said in Jan, 2011

@Joe_mato has got this locked up!

mattjumper said in Jan, 2011

here’s my fear amir mix.. enjoy! only clips from this season.

George Kyriazis said in Jan, 2011

Amir! Here is my video submission…thanks for the opportunity I had lots of fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mACjcyGbqc0

Joseph said in Jan, 2011

Hey This is My submition to the FEAR AMIR contest.
I hope you like it as much as i enjoyed putting it together.


teamAJ said in Jan, 2011

Hey Frankie, if you use a copywritten song, there is a chance the owner of that song may ask YouTube to take the video down. The chances of that are quite slim, but it still is possible so use your best judgment.

Good luck and thanks for posting the question.

Philip said in Jan, 2011

Amir! Can I throw in a few clips from last season too? There are some vicious slams and blocks that I really don’t wanna leave out!

Frankie Dapps said in Jan, 2011

are we allowed to use copywrited music?

ginomassari said in Jan, 2011

cqcan you doune me 4 coutside tix for all feb mar and april games to me you can leave the tix at will call w for ginomassari

Louise said in Jan, 2011

First time checking out your site. I like what I see…. your face! lolol
No, but in all seriousness, keep up the great work! Your passion, hard work, and energy does not go unnoticed by Young Onez fans and raptors fans in general! Stay positive and look forward!!!!!

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