The #draping Contest

The Deal

Here’s the deal. A few of us were talking about how crazy (stupid?) planking was and thought it would be cool to do something similar but for basketball heads. So we cam up with #draping!!!

How does #draping work? It’s easy, just take a Raptor’s jersey (#15 if you got it) then drape it on a statue and snap a photo. The more creative or random the better. If we do this up right, we could make this go viral and have people #draping from T.O. to Shanghai. So let’s go!

The Details

1. Get a Raptors jersey (#15 if you got it)

2. Drape it on a statue (or something statue-like)

3. Snap a photo of it

4. Post that photo before Thursday, February 9th at 5pm on the Amir Johnson Facebook wall or tweet it @heisamirjohnson with the hash tag #draping

5. Spread the word and check out the other entries

The Prizes

Amir, Veezy, and the interns are going to select the top 5 entries based on creativity and likes/retweets. And as for the actual prizes, each of the top 5 will get an autographed Amir poster and the top #draper will get an Amir Johnson jersey plus 2 tickets to an upcoming game.

So get #draping fam!

Some Tips

– Run with it: you can #drape statues, mannequins, stop signs, bushes…

– Don’t know where statues are? Check local parks or government buildings.

– Plus search on Google, use Google street-view, or check these links: one, two.

– Get creative: use a basketball, use your friends, use whatever… Go hard.












Claujamil said in May, 2012

This is my daughters rptceeion at ameristar on sept. 24th and i just have to say you guys did a beautiful job, everything was perfect and you were a pleasure to work with. All my guest commented on what a beautiful room this was. thank you.

Ieden Wall said in Jan, 2012


Not sure who will receive this, but if somebody could forward this to Amir, that would be great!

I am a fledgling host/broadcaster here in Toronto. I have hosted many shows over the years,
and I keep busy with gigs as a host/actor/comic and writer.

One of my dreams is to host a Raptors talk-show, as I am a sick Raps fan and I seldom
miss a Raps game – on TV and radio.

Anyway, I wanted to pitch the idea of doing a monthly show on amirjohnson.com called
AMIR LIVE where I could interview Amir, and speak to Amir about things his fans might want
to know and maybe even take a few calls from fans…..I think it could be a great feature for
the site, and hopefully my enthusiasm as a fan and my talent as a broadcaster could help turn
this monthly video segment into a hit with AMIR fans.

My goal as a young broadcaster is to monetize my talent, in some way, get exposure and
try to keep climbing up the ladder in the world of broadcasting.

Here is a link to listen to a Radio demo I did called “Courtside.”

Thanks for your time,


Ieden Wall

647 773-5562

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