Bryan Colangelo Steals Amir Johnson

If you’re an NBA general manager and you see it’s Bryan Colangelo calling do you even pick up the phone?

Between working some magic with the Hedo Turkoglu sign-and-trade, adding Marco Belinelli for a spare part and now adding a talented young forward in Amir Johnson, he’s clearly had a summer most general managers would drool over.

While the big name in his roster overhaul this summer is Turkoglu, you could easily make the argument one of the biggest moves may be the addition of Johnson. Sure, this marks the second time the talented forward has been dealt this summer. But it’s also true that at this point last year he was seen as one of the untouchables on the Pistons roster and a player they planned to build around. The fact that Colangelo was able to acquire him for a player they probably wouldn’t have signed and a third string point guard who would have rarely gotten off the bench makes this an intriguing move.

With one brilliant move, Colangelo was able to deal a guard that was going to rot on the bench, Roko Ukic, in order to fix the teams most glaring need: front court depth. Even if Johnson only manages to match his 14.7 minutes per game that he averaged last season it will be a great improvement over what Ukic was looking at playing.

Where things could really get interesting is if Johnson flourishes and becomes the player the Pistons envisioned last summer. If what he did in Las Vegas last month is any indication – granted, this was summer league so that’s a big if – then the Raptors have picked up a young stud that will be around for years to come.

Now that the Raptors roster for the upcoming season appears to be set, the only question surrounding the team is how long it will take until members of the media start talking about him about being named Executive of the Year.

This article was originally appeared on HoopsAddict.com


C$- Moncton NB Can. said in Sep, 2010

Hey Amir,

I am a big fan and really happy you signed a 5 year extension, you deserved it. In 5 years when you develop into an elite NBA player, do not forget the Raptors believed in you first. Don’t leave town for greener pastures. Their will always be the players like Bosh and Vince who leave. The legends we remember are the one’s who stuck it out, The Birds, the Magics, the Pierces, Bryants, Duncans and hopefully the Johnson’s called Amir. You have an entire country behind you, help bring an NBA championship to the country!

Fizal said in Aug, 2010

amir for the 2011 season tell all the raptor to play with all the might and heart. thanks Fizal

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