AmirTV Presents – The Young Gunz Dunkoff Challenge!

Who do you think will win?


Ramone Hill said in Jul, 2010

all i have to say is thanx to yall, you made basketball in canada fun again, after loosing that suck vince carter and that waste of money, whats is name again i forgot already oh yeah turk. I think toronto has enough talent to make the play-offs this year and years to come

HEAT SMD said in Jul, 2010

Sonny prob. one of THE best!…. but i would LOVE to see him in tights.. gunnaa be heela funny!

Tipparas said in Jul, 2010

we needed deez Young Guns now more than ever!
in fact, let’s see who will be the first to DUNK on BOSH!
i bet its My man Johnson bwoy!!
A thought in my head is that we don’t need an Elite All-Star here in Toronto, we need a young skilled team with no, one star saying “i wanna be the man, or iI am the Man” B.S.
who the hell did he think he was anyway?
we had that and it never worked…. EVER!

My man Amir has brought everything T. needed…. A TRUE (MIX IT UP WITH ME IF YOU DARE) BALLER!
… and I saw it comming way back from DETRIOT!!
What was it like to play with Sheed man…. and RIP man? WOW!

BIG UPS to SUPERSTARS Sonny and Demar!!
i have to say, my favourite players last year were the three of ya’ll.

We all have heard the “two teams, Euorpean and American” within the Raps camp,
but i tell ya boys, pay no nevermind, RESULTS are the only things that matter.

Check for General Jack, trust in Andrea (he does have game)Barniani, and we will make the playoffs…
ie: Oklahoma, Atlanta, and the Bucks(?)

WARNING: Alot of players have “cooled off” after a big contract signing (you know who i’m talkin bout), but i have faith that deez Young Guns of the raptors are going to be issuing an Arial Assault on the East Coast…. a wippin some teams that didn’t expect it!


LADA said in Jul, 2010

im goin wit sonnny on dis one….i mean he has dunk contest experience too….
he gonna winn..

trickykid said in Jul, 2010

YOUNG GUNZ! Can’t wait for the season to start . It.s gonna be a run dunkfest

stackz said in Jul, 2010

sonny’s got the most hops, he gonna win homie

Da truth said in Jul, 2010

Ayy man Amir can get up dere jus watch!

dm said in Jun, 2010

I don’t care, I am just happy we have the Young Gunz in TO and you all will SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHINE next year. Let this be a rotating belt like in wrestling. Just keep those legs fresh for real ball. Make sure you are knocking down free throws, practicing post moves, working out like crazy, keep your motors clean, etc, etc. And show up at the Toronto Film Festival with some cool videos like Amir 3000. God bless, have an excellent summer and go Raps.

Soloman Alabi said in Jun, 2010

SONNY SIDE UP!!!!!!!!!!! My man Money Weems got this

Kunal said in Jun, 2010

I pick Sonny. He makes it look easy.

Vince Carter said in Jun, 2010

Heir Canada is takin this!!

@TheRounder said in Jun, 2010

Ed Davis! lol Nah playin’. Money on Money Weems w DeMar close 2nd. How we do!!!

hassan khan said in Jun, 2010

demar gonna win this

@georgekonline said in Jun, 2010

Got nuff love for the young guns, and i cant wait to see what how u guys are gonna murk it up next season, but its gonna be SONNY CASH MONEY WEEMS.

imran said in Jun, 2010

demar got this one on lock

bwarnz said in Jun, 2010

Come on Demar show’em how to fly

iREPTDOT said in Jun, 2010

Got nuff respect for DD and Sonny, But Amir is taking it.. haha.

Good luck on upcoming season yo, Im more interested in watching games this year since the ball aint gonna be going to the same dude 80% of the ball game… Young Gunz is Toronto Real Big 3…. WADD UP..


Iamanamirjohnsonfan said in Jun, 2010

Amir has this on lock! He’s gonna pull a superman like d12

Brett said in Jun, 2010

Demar has this locked down yo. He should have never have lost the dunk contest against nate! He jumps out the roooff

greezy said in Jun, 2010

ill say demar

TBland said in Jun, 2010

Im Goin Wit Deebo Because He Never Lost a Dunk Contest…. He aint lose to nate robinson fa real

OzRapFan said in Jun, 2010

Demar has more dunk contest experience so i’ll go with him.

imran said in Jun, 2010

sonny got this one on lock

Anand said in Jun, 2010

I think its between sonny and amir…sonny got hops for sure and amir is athletic but in the end i say sonny takes it…sonny for this year’s all star dunk contest

Hypz said in Jun, 2010

So who’s jumping over Jarrett Jack, from the free throw line?

Taylan C said in Jun, 2010

I’m going with kid compton, but I also think Amir is gonna put up a good fight! Money Weems is gona be all talk

Rano said in Jun, 2010

Naw son, ima go with my man sonny. After he wins, nigga’s yall be doing the stanky leg.

Bigaveli said in Jun, 2010

when is this young gunz dunk contest gonna pop off? I GOT MY MONEY ON MONEY WEEMS!

yasmin said in Jun, 2010

Amir is good and can dunk, but dunks don’t look that fancy when you’re taller.I’ll give it to demar. Amir and Sonny Good luck ! GOOOOOOOOOOO RAPTORS. T-DOT BABY.

Darrell Armstrong said in Jun, 2010

I will win with my secret dunk competition special surprise……….a lay-up! AHAHAHAHAAaaaaaaa
Bun Anderson Varajeo!

Hypz said in Jun, 2010

Let’s go Weems!

Dwayne said in Jun, 2010

Demar and Soney will tie… but if it was a game, Amir would block any and all attempts.

How about a block competition during this years summer league?

Colleen said in Jun, 2010

hahah im thinking demaar. but it’ll b a lcose one for suure :) ahahah and im not looking forward to the tights :S :P !!!!1

Andriana Jackson said in Jun, 2010

I’m going for Amir. Cool guy and seen your dunks on YouTube. Oh and I REALLY don’t want to see you in tights. Lol.

daydo said in Jun, 2010

yo, who’s gonna judge this thing?

DJ Yosef said in Jun, 2010

GL to all of you but Demar has all the talent and skill involved. 150% demar wins.

Bryan Colangelo said in Jun, 2010

I only want Amir to win so I can see DeMar and Sonny in those leggings. I think the both of them are sexy ;)

chris said in Jun, 2010

amir is going to take this for sure!

fdfsf said in Jun, 2010

Young Gunz babyy future of the Raps right there.
Sonny about DeMar: “Did he not lose to a 5’10 dude?”
LMAO Sonny kills me.
Young Gunz all day err’ day!!

Andy said in Jun, 2010



Jarrett Jack said in Jun, 2010

I got this

Marcus Banks said in Jun, 2010

The young gunz are good but I am the best defensive point guard in the NBA and would beat Jose 40-0 1 on 1. check my vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jidSbB2BiP0&feature=fvw

Andy said in Jun, 2010

When is this dunk contest happenning and when will you guys be at Dundas Square?

Jay Triano said in Jun, 2010

Pops go find a team, Chris Lick my left nut, Patrick thats the spirit! Hedo dont make me have to choke a bitch. Sam, have you ever had your shit pushed in?

Priest said in Jun, 2010

Im going to put my money on amir johnson haha

Sam Mitchell said in Jun, 2010


btw.. Amir wins!

Patrick O’Bryant said in Jun, 2010

He wasn’t really that much of an upset.. for a rookie player he did retty decent.

Pops Mensah Bonsu said in Jun, 2010

DeRozan was a major disappointment in the Dunk contest this year hes definably
overrated. Tough call between Amir and Sonny Money Weems.

T said in Jun, 2010

Amir will chris bosh return this year???

chris said in Jun, 2010


where was he at the MMVA’s? Get him a twitter account too….

rashawn said in Jun, 2010

whn are u guys doin this it didnt say in the video

demar takes this

Benny said in Jun, 2010

definitely my man Double Dz.. I’m glad you guys are enjoying yourself in Tdot!! :)

xoxoxox Alicia said in Jun, 2010

andre 3000s gonna stick it to kid canada and make him prance around in ballerina tights while jerkin? sounds good to me ;)

604-Connect said in Jun, 2010


DERTTY JERZEY said in Jun, 2010

demar lost to a 5’8 guy obv he aint clutch so its a 50/50 on weems ill give it to him

phil said in Jun, 2010

gonna give this to amir its his time to finally shine, when will u do the dunking? doing it live?

flemming1991 said in Jun, 2010

ummm when do we see the dunks btw?

Frank White said in Jun, 2010

I say Chris Bosh wins

flank nigga richardson said in Jun, 2010

Damn Demar u better rep for us compton cats lol!! but still amir got LA on lock.. gl to sonny but demar got this

Hedo Turkoglu said in Jun, 2010

Uhh I will give dis one 2 Amir U go boy!

ScottBaird said in Jun, 2010

No one’s giving any love to Amir? C’mon… he can take ‘em both. He barely has to jump :P

rj jay said in Jun, 2010

gotta go with the demar,, but it should be interesting

but either way Toronto wins :p

Gayen said in Jun, 2010

OUR YOUNG GUNS ….. add AVERY BRADELY for nexx year… and Dermar will take this.. in close one :P

deadpool said in Jun, 2010

Sonny in a toronto minute

Jgrizzy said in Jun, 2010


Chris Bosh said in Jun, 2010

I hate all three of you, so I’ll go with Amir, I hate him the least.

Sam said in Jun, 2010


brian said in Jun, 2010

i think sonny is gonna take it!

noreen said in Jun, 2010

ps. you guys should make the loser wear a leotard instead..adds to the embarrassment ;)

Noreen said in Jun, 2010

Demars gonna take it! But we’ll see…

KickYoHeadIn said in Jun, 2010

Finna give dat to Weems bro. He gonna be a star dis yr on tha real.

D said in Jun, 2010

Ya’ll all good dunkers but i got to give it to the homie DeMar. The kid can fly. Money Weems is sick wit it an Amir can bang with the best of them but Double D got this.

Daoud said in Jun, 2010

I think Money Weems is going to pull off the upset over Kid Canada.

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