AmirTV Presents: Amir 3000

After being told countless times that he “kinda looks like Andre 3000” Amir wanted to set the record straight; he really looks like Andre 3000.


Marlin said in Aug, 2010

You look more like Mef, you and Demar should do up a Da Rockwilder remake

Davy from Sherbrooke,Qc said in Jul, 2010

Man u r funny and kill them all on the court next season and since bosh left we’ll need u more than ever and plz plz maker il mago numero siete stronger and tougher
je compte sur toi frangin…..(in french for in u i trust bro)

Drew said in Jul, 2010

Congrats on the new contract Amir, look forward to seeing you next year!

Scott said in Jun, 2010

AGREED! haha.

tony said in Jun, 2010

Actually it’ll be even funnier if the whole team comes out of the locker room((1st game) and for the intro they start dancing to that song (roses) , and Amir actually sings. That definetly be funny for sure.

jeremy said in Jun, 2010

Amir 3000, I dare you gonna rock that hair style next season (1st game at least) and then break out with a dance when t-dot wins.

kristi said in Jun, 2010

Yo Amir, FUNNY STUFF. YOU JOKES BOSS. good luck with everything. hope you return T-DOT babe.

Raptors Digest said in Jun, 2010


Trevor said in Jun, 2010


we all hope you stay in Toronto, Your a BEAST on the court!

d.raptor said in Jun, 2010

Number 1: that’s racist


Number 2: That calculator is hurting

mtgyles said in Jun, 2010

Dope vid my man. Funny stuff. Keep it up! Cant wait to see the dunk off!

Dave Green said in Jun, 2010

in tears, couldn’t stop laughing.

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