Sometimes you need to stage an intervention. You’ve probably got a buddy or two who needs a serious talking to. They’re always doing something annoying or disgusting or just plain embarrassing themselves.

But how do you tell them they need to man up? Or maybe even wo-man up?

Let Amir do the dirty work for you.

Just submit your message to your friend Twitter – (@Iamamirjohnson #amirtivention) and Amir might stage an Amirtervention for you. Check out the vid below for some examples.

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Koulotioloma said in May, 2012

Hi Colleen,Thanks so much, We would be happy to send some cards as well. Jen has received the preievw video and we are in the process of completing her final DVDs although she only requested a couple of song changes the finals will almost identical to the preievw.We are very happy that you and the family are enjoying the video We hope this is the case for years to come and it was a pleasure working with your family Jen’s special day!Rob & AnnMarie Epple

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