Rock The Plank with Amir (Winners Announced)


We have selected our top 3 winners! Congratulations you all win an autographed Amir Johnson Poster please tweet @heisamirjohnson to claim your prize!

Ryan FellyBaby Feldcamp

Nikolas Theodorakidis


Thanks to everyone that entered!


Thats right it’s time for another contest! This time round, we’re asking fans to Rock The Plank with Amir as we roll with the exciting “planking” phenomenom.

For those new to planking, you can check Wikipedia or just know that it’s the act of photgraphing yourself lying face down, hands at your sides, in an unusual, funny or unique location.


- Take a photo of yourself planking
- Post it at Amir’s Facebook or on Twitter with “@HeIsAmirJohnson” in the Tweet
- Post photos before 5pm on August 1st
- The most creative entry wins a signed Amir jersey
- Be safe and keep it clean (offensive or dangerous entries won’t be eligible)

It’s that simple. Good luck and go Rock The Plank!

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Evan said in Jul, 2011

sorry guys, im probably gonna win this one!

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