Amir’s Cold Stone Winning Creation “The Three Point O”

It’s official and YOU made it happen! After a week of voting the fans have selected Amir’s “Three Point O” creation as the flavour for the month of May at Cold Ston . Now it’s your chance to help Amir give back! Head down to Cold Stone (1094 Bloot St. W) and ask for the Amir Johnson “Three Point O” special! Proceeds from every ice cream sold will go to The Remix Project

On Thursday April 21′st I had the pleasure of creating my own Cold Stone creations! The event was really cool, and I was excited to throw down! I ended up making 2 cold creations, one called “The Three Point” and the other one called “The Honeymoon Cheese Cake”. My boys Veezy and Sonny came out to represent!

Shout out to the whole Cold Stone staff Manu, Amit, and the rest of the crew! Last but not least thank you to Tim Horton’s for making this possible!

Here are some pictures from the event!


Dalmar aka DeMarcus Williams futre raptors point guard said in May, 2011

i see u amir now u a pro all player and pro ice cream maker when i become ur team mate in 3 years hope ur still there maybe u can make me one of them and to repay u i can throw the best alley opp pass
and i know next year u guys are going to the playoffs for sure

cbourdos said in May, 2011

Your a really cool dude! Really happy to have you on our team … next year will be a blast.

Nazy said in May, 2011

amir and sonny you both look so dawn HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. happy belated amir. cant wait to see you all you rap players next season when we come back wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than before and this time we come see u in the playoffs :) :) :) ;)

ikranna said in May, 2011

Hey what up nice pic and and stay true always u know and next season is gon be better for sure love always.

Daemion said in May, 2011

idk mabe its the munchies but that look good!! Much love and props to u, from a hackrod to a good nba player! Ur game is the truth and its only gettin better!!! Stay shineing Stay grinding!!!

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