Amir’s Cold Creation (VOTE NOW!)


It’s official! On April 21′st Amir Johnson visited Cold Stone and created his 2 Ice Cream creations!

Creation #1 is called “The Three Point”. It contains Sweet Cream Ice Cream, Caramel, Almonds, and Chocolate Chips.

Creation #2 is called “The Honey Moon Cheese Cake”. It contains Cheese Cake Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Strawberry, Almonds, and Caramel.

Now is your chance Toronto to decide which flavour will be Amir’s Creation! Head down to Cold Stone (1094 Bloor Street West ONLY) and try each flavour. Then vote below on our poll for the Creation you think tastes best! All proceeds of Amir’s Ice Cream will go to The Remix Project.

Voting Ends May 1′st!


Maddie said in May, 2011

I like the 3 point too….as a matter of fact, Im off to go get some now!!!

V said in May, 2011

I vote for the Three Point!

Alex Reich said in May, 2011

Oh!! YUMMY in my tummy! :) lol

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