Amir Was Here Is Back!

Alright everybody… it’s back! Yes the AMIR WAS HERE contest returns, but with a new twist.

This time @heisamirjohnson is going to be posting pictures of Amir’s favorite places all around the city. All you have to do is reply to @heisamirjohnson stating where the photo was taken. Use your street smarts. Check Google Maps. Ask your pops. Even ask strangers. Actually… just stick with asking your pops.

Every day a lucky winner will be picked from those who identify where that day’s photo was taken. Daily winners get a signed Young Onez tee shirt and… there will be a grand prize draw for a pair of signed kicks courtesy of Amir Johnson.

So let’s get it started! Follow @iamamirjohnson and @heisamirjohnson and test your knowledge of the streets of Toronto now!

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