Amir TV Presents – Foul Trouble

Amir TV Presents Amir Johnson’s latest skit called “Foul Trouble” Leave a comment and let us know what you think!


JordiUbaldo said in Dec, 2010

Hey Amir!
You prob. dont remember my name but we went to HIgh School togther freshmen year at PacHills .
We played basketball along with some english and math classes togther that year. Well i just wanted to stop by and say congrats on your journey to the NBA and Amir TV. Congrats on the resign ill be sure to
keep an eye out for the Young GUnz! DUNK on SHAQ!!! later man

Jordi Ubaldo

Gregory said in Nov, 2010


Greg said in Nov, 2010

lol lol….famz in th new video incude somthig with the new ps3…that s*** should be jokes..

BEE-OH-BEE said in Oct, 2010

THat was koo

Ryan said in Oct, 2010

Great video, love the sharks hat it’s good to see some Canadian is rubbing off on you

Jacky said in Sep, 2010

Good luck this coming season! Time to prove the doubters wrong on court and TO will cheer you on!

Jordipus said in Sep, 2010

….by the way, was that a titty magazine you were reading before you got your “reaching” foul?

Jordipus said in Sep, 2010

Lets hope you dont get that many fouls this year, young guns better light it up… again!

#1 RAPTORFAN!! :) said in Sep, 2010

LMFAOO.. tampons??
lol ^_^

kevin said in Sep, 2010

Gotta love Fouls lol GO Raps GO

Ajani said in Sep, 2010

Lol…lmao…dude you’re a nut case..lol…go raps go!!

Justin said in Sep, 2010

hahaha, you should have called a foul on him for that!

Screwz said in Sep, 2010

Tampons LMFAO

C Banga! said in Sep, 2010

Dope vid…
Refs be hating… but they better not catch word of this video with the tampons!

moujik said in Sep, 2010

Don’t get complacent after you win seven in a row! Which I predict you will games #2-8. Nothing wrong with having fun, while you work hard..

Ryan said in Sep, 2010

Dick Bavetta and Joey Crawford are gonna give you extra fouls after they see this LOL

MR.PEETS said in Sep, 2010

LOL…..fo real them refs always be hatting on you! GET YO SHINE ON THIS YEAR CUZ ! YOUNG GUNZ ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!

dcon said in Sep, 2010

lol. Don’t let that tampon buying ref get to you. Keep up the aggression …can’t wait for the season! Biggest shock of the year…Raptors

JV_Tdot said in Sep, 2010

LOL …. shitty refs buy tampons … LOL
p.s. Nice Truck ! Go Raptors !

Travis said in Sep, 2010

yo thats a great movie….i almost fell out my shit i was cracking up…..I def hope you do ya thang this yea…p.s stay out of FOUL TROUBLE bahahahah…good luck this season

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