Amir Johnson Re-Signs With The Toronto Raptors 5yrs/34 Million!

Forward Amir Johnson has agreed to a five-year contract to stay with the Toronto Raptors.

Agent Kevin Bradbury says Thursday the deal is for $34 million.

The 6-foot-9 Johnson played in all 82 games last season, averaging 6.2 points. He spent his first four seasons in Detroit after the Pistons picked him out of high school late in the second round of the 2005 draft.

He could get additional playing time next season, with the Raptors expecting to lose All-Star forward Chris Bosh in free agency.


chris t said in Jul, 2010

hey amir help take us two promiss land you and young guns
thanks for staying

Toronto FAN!! said in Jul, 2010


Nate Robinson said in Jul, 2010

How you gettin paid more then me you fuckin bitch, like ima do what delonte did to lebron to your mom bitch ass nigga.

Nate Robinson said in Jul, 2010

Amir your a freakin slut nah mean…

Dustin said in Jul, 2010

Amir, just want to let you know we’re all supporting you and the rest of the young gunz this year. I for one am more excitied now to see a new team identity. Just keep hustling man we love ya.

Nik said in Jul, 2010

Very glad to see you stay, Amir. Win or lose, you bring it and Toronto wants to see the young gunz hit their potential. Big things, Amir!!! Get it!!

Pat said in Jul, 2010

Junk Yard Dog 2.0 with skill to kick it up a notch, not since the JYD have we had an energetic player who is in enthusiastic about playing in Toronto, but 20 and 10 should be no issue for Amir,

brodie said in Jul, 2010

waz up amir! glad for you to be back on the raps and are you exited for barbosa to be comin to the raps.
p.s #1 fan of the raps and you. add me on facebook name. brodie mougenot

ck said in Jul, 2010

i miss u

Adam said in Jul, 2010

Amazing to see you back with the Raps! I’m excited to see you and the other young gunz represent T-dot next year. We need a new identity now that Bosh is gone and the three of you, Sonny and Demar can step up and take it on. Keep up the hard work!

Grizz said in Jul, 2010

Love ya rockin’the Jays cap by the way…lol

Grizz said in Jul, 2010

Amir, your were awesome coming off the bench last year…BC saw what I saw at the end of last year when Chris Bush went down. You were outstanding filling those minutes. Contract well deserved!!! Looking forward to seeing the Young gunz surprise the hell out of the NBA!

Hanns said in Jul, 2010

Glad to see you back!!! Its your time to shine now..!!!

Al said in Jul, 2010

Watching the Young Guns play with chemistry relieves our pain in losing an all star. Welcome back our all-star in the make.

A2DJ said in Jul, 2010

Hey Amir; I was excited to know that you came to TO, and elated you are staying! I have watched you since you came in the league with Detroit. I have wanted the Raptors to pick you up from time, because you fit this team very well. I actually see you eating up a lot of court time next season. Passion and instinct is something you cant teach. Make the best of it! Again congratulations!! AJ!

Dan said in Jul, 2010


Ministar_Kisa said in Jul, 2010

Mad love for coming back !!!!!!!!!!!!!! proppppppppb

Drake_Marcus said in Jul, 2010

Thanks for being a class act during FA. It’s too bad that some players act like divas and play their situation up to the media and fans. You’re a true businessman and the fans appreciate it!

irod said in Jul, 2010

Prove them wrong! Congratulations man!

speedbag said in Jul, 2010

Where’s the root top party? This is a reason to celebrate.

Sam from the UK said in Jul, 2010

yo amirrrrr, welcome back to t,o we love you man

rapsfan said in Jul, 2010

Glad to have you back!
You’re a hard worker on the court. And you’ve done a lot for promoting Toronto by showing love in your videos and pics!

Here’s to 5 years of playoffs!!! (please)

onlinechatter said in Jul, 2010

Amir, I for one am very pleased with your decision to come back. You have energy, intensity and charm….just like our city! The yonggunz will all be known throughout the basketball world next year! Love ya man

Paul said in Jul, 2010

Please silence all the haters, that do not believe you should get the contract that you received. We are happy to have you here in the Tdot!! Make our city proud. Young Gunz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob D said in Jul, 2010

I feel great knowing that the young gunz are staying together congrats and welcome home!!!

SHAY said in Jul, 2010

Well I must say we are very happy to have u here In the Tdot!!!!!!
Nd its nice to finaly have some sexy or I mean nice looking guys on our team(young gunz) :)

Darryl said in Jul, 2010

Im happy for ya man, looking forward watching you play for the raps for the years to come.

Priest said in Jul, 2010

Thats awesome man, the city loves you and despite what some media guys say you deserve every penny. Ive never been so excited for the season to start lol

elise said in Jul, 2010

yayyyy i love u amir ur awesome im so happy right now !!

Daoud said in Jul, 2010

You handled free agency with class and your enthusiasm towards the city of Toronto is spectacular. Looking forward to you and the young guns prosper in the years to come!

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