Amir’s 2009-2010 Highlight Reel

After joining the Toronto Raptors and helping develop the Young Guns, Amir had a huge season and improved nearly every one of his statistics. Here is a look back at the big season for the big man.


Jedi said in Sep, 2010

Great offensive and defensive energy!

matt said in Sep, 2010

Your unreal amir ! id rather see you play then bosh !
your deff my fav player since ive been a raptor fan
you just keep getting better and better, cant wait too see you play this year


Andriana Jackson said in Jul, 2010

These highlights are great examples why we the fans down in TDOT LOVE you. Keep it up! I will be watching. Cant wait till the season starts. Theres nothing good on tv right now. Lol.

Irod said in Jul, 2010

Tdot is ready for the second coming! 5 mo years baby! Congrats!

Ravaughn said in Jul, 2010

Amir…. what can i say U R AWSOME plus u had a very good first season with the raptors hope you stay. u bring defensive pressure and energy to the game some may not notice it but most do.Hope you develop into one of the better centers down the road.

Good luck

14 year old Ravaughn

Liam said in Jun, 2010

Amir you are the man! The Raptors rule + you had a great 1st season with us! Hope you resign with the team + Hope to see you improve for next season! You a beast my man!

all the best


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